Hi! I’m Daniela! 

You might know me as Charlie Sheen’s daughter on “Anger Management,” or as Axl’s girlfriend on “The Middle”.  

What you might not know is that off camera I am a little Mexican-Canadian book nerd, a wife who is still crushing hard on her husband, and a lifelong learner. 

I was born and raised in Mexico and immigrated with my parents to Vancouver, Canada when I was just 6 years old. Starting a brand new life with a brand new language and navigating my two very different cultures was difficult to say the least, but it has shaped me into the person I am today. My parents taught me to fly, and fly I did. I moved out at 16 to pursue my career in acting. While that miraculously worked out, being thrust into adulthood at such a young age came with a lifetime of lessons learned to share. 

Life is messy no matter how you live it. I’ve learned along the way that finding joy among it all is a great way to hack this lesson called life.

Stick around if you’re looking for tips and tricks to navigate relationships, adulting, and everything in between! This blog is a compilation of everything I’m still learning. 

Come learn with me! 

– D.